Enjoy the luxurious beauty of the Western Caribbean in Tulum, Mexico.
May 6-10, 2021

The Imbalance of Masculine Power

Women today are producing more than two people did 50 years ago. We are working full time while meeting the needs of our families, the house and ourselves. The constant need to be doing, productive,  and chasing results constantly leaves us drained of energy. 

Most of the women I’ve worked with in the last five years are imbalanced toward the masculine. It looks like:
  • Getting stuck in your head
  • Feeling guilt or inadequacy for needing rest
  • Resisting help or support, while also wanting help and support
  • ​Over-working
  • ​Being underpaid
  • ​Loss of passion in romantic relationships
  • ​Putting your own care last on the lists
I dealt with it for years when I was working as a financial advisor in, a male-dominated industry. 
I wore over-working like a weird badge of honor. 

I went in early, stayed late, took diet pills and drank pots of coffee to fuel my body that begged to rest. 

My marriage was OK, but there was no passion. The worst part was I felt inadequate every day.
I could never accomplish enough to feel good enough to rest.

Over-thinking would trip me up, and I would be inefficient in my efforts.

There was no focus on pleasure or flow, everything was getting a result. I was in my masculine all the time. The idea of being more feminine seemed like a weakness to me.
My activities were mostly over-working and numbing. 

My emotional states were fueled by the masculine... chasing doing, achieving. 

I started to balance myself out in 2017, when I realized what the problem was.

I read dozens of books, that described the feminine like a “golden honey light” and I could understand what it meant, but I couldn’t feel it. 

I took courses and again, I understood the concepts, but not the being.
This retreat is so special because it is an experience.

By the end you will know how the feminine feels and how to go back and forth on purpose.
The location is specifically feminine...
So close to nature, we can't use lights outside after 10 PM, so as not to confuse the baby sea turtles. 
We will be visiting a Cenote...
The beauty of the caves, the silence, the darkness creates a feeling of appreciation for the depths of our power. It's part of the dark feminine.
We will be renting a private cabana...
After a short trip to a local beach club, we will eat, drink and watch the dance of masculine and feminine play out with passerbys.

The Creatrix

Money is a creative process. 

You will learn how energies work together, when to act, how to lean back and when it is time to let things happen for you.

Alchemize like a Sorceress

Receiving is the most basic of feminine traits, yet we are often unwilling to receive full compensation, support, and credit for our efforts.
We are going to learn where our walls are and how to let go of the defenses that no longer serve us.

You will feel the shift in energy and open up to give and receive at your highest levels.

You will use these techniques over and over again in your life - having full access to the power of your emotions.

When you are able to fully receive, you are able to fully give and the money rolls in from there, along with respect, power and better sex.

Rapture of the Goddess

You are going to learn how to quickly identify when the imbalance happens and be able to move your energy back into your body. 

You will practice moving in and out of the masculine and feminine energies. 

The practices you will learn keep you balanced and open on a regular basis.

Queen of Emergence

There is a point in creation where the seed of an idea is planted and germinated, and then we wait for the development. 

Being in the empty space between the masculine doing and birthing of a creation is the place where the feminine can shine. 

You will learn how to use your mind to manipulate the quantum, for good. 

You will learn how to be in the emptiness, how to hold space for the outcome and how to trust in the place when self-doubt costs us big time.

Congruent like a Comandress

There is massive power in congruence and it leads to better leadership, more support, more money and bigger impact.

You will learn to command your own attention to be absolutely congruent in your communication. 

You will learn masculine and feminine energy states of attention, language and non-verbals. 
Brie Sodano is a personal finance expert and founder of Sheep to Shark. She works with women to break years of mindset barriers and beliefs that hold us back from being truly successful.

Michelle Aspinwall is an Age Alchemist, international best selling author, integrative bio-hacker and creator of The Bespoke Line formulated entirely from the bounty of nature. 

She works with women worldwide to relieve hormonal symptoms through self-mastery, aging timelessly with a deep connection to self and source. 

Sarah Lucian is joining us as a Level III Master Certified Reiki Practitioner and 200 hr Yoga Teacher. 

Explore The Retreat Hosted at Casa Yardena 
located in Soliman Bay, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Our Retreat Location
Plush day loungers match the deep blue hues of a freeform infinity pool at this beachfront villa. Palm trees and tropical floral views accentuate a wrought-iron chandelier that emboldens the villa’s colonial architecture.

Close to Mayan ruins and the town of Tulum, Casa Yardena is a true luxurious hideaway along the beautiful coastline of the Western Caribbean.
If you want something amazing, the time to get it is now.
See you in Tulum!

The Food
Our villa comes equipped with a personal Chef who utilizes only the best locally sourced seasonal ingredients. 

Join us for a continental breakfast followed by a lunch and dinner menu geared towards your mind, body, and spirit's wellbeing.

All meals are included as part of your retreat experience. We will have three dining spaces to enjoy, including an outdoor bbq area.
The Accommodations
The property provides accommodations for up to 16 guests with 9 bedrooms, 13 beds and 9.5 baths.

The main house has five bedrooms while the guest house has an additional four bedrooms. All of the rooms include a bathroom, safe, satellite television and A/C.

While we will make every accomodation to provide guests with their own space, some guests may share as some rooms include two queen beds.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are flights included?
No, flights, airport transfer, or transportation are not included.

What airport should I fly into?
Fly into Cancun.

Can you help me get airport transfer?
Yes, we can help to organize airport transfer.
What if I want to bring a friend?
Great! Other women are welcome. Better yet, if you're okay sharing your accommodations, you can each get $500 off the registration cost when you register on the next page. Please understand that accommodations are limited and you may have to share a room with a single King bed. If available, we will do our best to assign you a single room with two queen beds.
The house and beach are great and all, but what else is there to do?
We will leave time for exploring. The Mayan ruins of Tulum are a short distance from the house as well as many popular tourist destinations in the area.

Is my registration fee refundable?
No, the registration fee is not refundable. Be sure that you can have everything in place to attend before registering.